InstallersDirect offers several services to help you benefit from your investment sooner. Depending on your needs, some or all of the following may be needed. Please contact us to discover how we can use our adequacy to help make your project a success.

Our Services & Complete "End to End Solution"

We understand that there is “no cookie cutter; one fits all” solution for all of our outsourcing clients. So we can gear up for your specific needs. We cater to many clients with different needs. Let us be your complete end-to-end solution for your operations. We can provide the installation support that you need plus a suite of other services that we provide as part of our overall solution. Click here to view a Workflow chart.

  • Consulting
  • Project Planning
  • Professional Installation & De-Installation
  • Product Application & Problem Avoidance
  • Vehicle Key Management
  • Asset / Inventory Management
  • In-House Technical Support
  • Quality Control & Quality Assurance
  • Order Processing
  • Scheduling
  • Dispatching
  • Record Keeping
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Retention
  • Customer Maintenance
  • Customer Satisfaction Confirmation
  • Vehicle & Key Inspections
  • Driver Training
  • Post Installation On-Going Maintenance
  • Installation Training - available
  • Product Sales Support - available

We did not become South Florida’s largest installation team of mobile electronics overnight. Our capability to serve our customers’ installation needs evolved in conjunction with the expansion of our customers business needs.

We have technicians in the field every day, working at dealerships and at the customers homes and offices. Our technically trained and experienced staff safely and intelligently installs our customers’ products. We have extensive experience installing products such as GPS Navigation Systems, Vehicle Location Systems, Automotive Security, Rear View Camera Systems, Obstacle Sensing Devices, Mobile Video, Entertainment Systems, Audio Systems, Satellite Radio Systems, System Upgrades and De-Installation of existing equipment and much more.

Our capabilities are not limited to new installs. We recognize the need to deploy equipment upgrades and replacements, and to retro fit and update the products. Our customers rely on our quality and experienced services to help them expand their business. Through training, quality focus and commitment to excellence, we ensure that we serve our customers’ needs.

Customers from time to time need to have products removed from one vehicle and then reinstalled in another vehicle. We provide all of the technicians and tools necessary to perform these tasks.

Product Application & Problem Avoidance
Our team of experts can forecast potential problems before they occur. By knowing the cause and effect of the many potential combinations between a product and a vehicle with its ever changing electronics, we can avoid possible installation conflicts. Not every product is right for every vehicle. In certain cases additional parts may be necessary to make the product work properly. Whichever the case, product application is necessary to ensure the deployment of the best technician or team of technicians along with the right products for the job. Product application is necessary to minimize customer service issues, cancelled orders or additional charges. Changes are consulted with the customer.

Asset / Inventory Management
Our inventory department understands that our clients will ship their merchandise to us with the greatest trust and we keep our customers trust by maintaining your inventory with great detail. Our customers ship the products to us and we ensure that we have enough products to maintain the current workload or project.

In-House Technical Support
OurTechnical Support center provides to our installers and technicians with the training, tools and data they need to professionally install all of the products. We have been collecting data for vehicles since 1985. Our technical support department includes years of exhaustively collecting the data for these vehicles. This department is one of our most valuable tools. Vehicles are constantly changing and we change with them. It is imperative to have the absolute best data available to you at all times. This reduces the possibilities of damaging vehicles during the installation process thus avoiding customer service issues.

Quality Control
Our technicians are highly trained professionals; however, we maintain a quality control system to ensure installations are being performed to our standards. Our QC Inspectors do “spot” inspections on the technicians’ jobs after they have been completed to ensure that quality installs are being performed at all times.

They know that a “QC Inspector” could be looking at their jobs after the installation has been completed. This keeps our technicians doing the very best installs at all times.

Order Processing
We have the ability to handle all incoming orders sent to us. Orders can be faxed or emailed to us by either you (our client) or your customer if you prefer.

Our scheduling department will attempt to make contact with the customer within 24 hours. By contacting the customer promptly, we can minimize customer cancellation and provide the service that the customer has requested quickly so that they can begin having the benefits of the product they are having installed immediately.

In order to maintain an “in-shop” and “mobile” crew, proper dispatching must be achieved. Our dispatch department also handles the “Heat” and “Must do now” jobs. This allows us to make certain changes in our present tense scheduling at all times. We know exactly where are techs are, what jobs are completed and also allows us to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the performance of the product and if the technician was courteous and properly explained the installed product.

Customer Retention
On occasion, the customers go through “Buyer’s Remorse”. As experts in your product, we carefully explain the benefits of having your product or service, the potential loss of benefits, its uniqueness and many other characteristics of your product. We don’t trick customers into keeping the product, we explain.

The Result: Our customer retention department has saved many sales reducing countless of customer service issues and charge backs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Image and Credibility
When you hire us, you are hiring a professional team dedicated to making you successful. We perform our services in a manner that would exceed the standards of most companies

Customer Service
If at any time a customer service issue arises, our customer service department handles the calls. Our customer service department ensures that any claims are handled in a professional manner. We know that in order for us to keep our customers we must make sure that you keep yours.

We understand that from time to time problems arise and malfunctions occur. In those instances, the only thing that really matters is getting the problems resolved as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. When that does not happen, customers complain, good will diminishes and revenue is lost.